Health and Safety Policy Statement

M Projects recognizes each employee and visitors right to a safe and healthy environment. We are committed to giving the highest priority to the health and safety of the guests, employees and all parties affected from our operations.

We expect our staff, contractors and guests to share this commitment by complying with our policies and to understand that they also have legal and moral obligations to themselves and to others.

As such, at M Projects we work hard to provide a relaxed and safe environment. Safety considerations are a part of our daily work. The following health and safety aims and objectives outline our safety commitment:

Legal Compliance

  • Complying with all relevant South African Health and Safety laws and standards;
  • Provide open avenues for effective community liaison to reduce the Health and Safety risks associated with M Projects activities;
  • Monitoring the Health and Safety effects M Projects activities has on its employees, visitors and the environment through a dedicated programme;
  • Implementing training and awareness programmes to secure the commitment, participation and ownership of all employees in M Projects Health and Safety activities;
  • Addressing the minimization of emissions and waste generated by M Projects activities through research into and development of recycling processes, cleaner production techniques and efficient utilization of raw materials;
  • Affording Health and Safety management equal priority with other activities central to M Projects business;
  • Including Health and Safety considerations in the planning of all new projects.

Workshop / Factory Safety

  • Have a system of work in the workshop/factory that considers all safety aspects before engaging in performing any tasks;
  • Ensure that all employees are acknowledged regarding the risks attached to their daily tasks;

Manage all tools and machines on an inspection programme to ensure the safety of the tools and machines used.


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