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Customised Mobile Cold Rooms, Freezer Boxes & Fridges In South Africa

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Upgrade your farm with prefab agricultural units

Whatever buildings you need on your farm, from hen houses to pig pens, the structures need to be cost-effective, quick to build and durable. M Projects is a supplier of prefab and modular buildings for many purposes, including many in the agricultural sector. We specialise in prefabricated and modular buildings to serve many purposes in the agricultural sector, from custom-designed, comfortable worker’s quarters to specialised storage units, or structures designed and optimised for poultry, egg or pig production. We make buildings that are lightweight, easy to construct and long-lasting.

Agricultural Units
Agricultural Units
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Why choose M Projects for prefab and modular agricultural units?

Prefab and modular buildings offer several benefits that make them a very attractive option for agricultural units. They are lightweight and compact, making them easy to build and very mobile; you can move them to different sites as required. They require very little time and labour to install, which means that your housing or storage needs can be fulfilled in a very short period. They can also be built at a fraction of the cost of traditional structures.

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