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Design-led prefab customised buildings for all purposes

Whether it’s for a building site, commercial enterprise, farm or private residence, prefab customised structures can be created in a wealth of diverse designs to suit any purpose. No matter what function you have in mind, M Projects builds modular residential and commercial structures according to all designs and various purposes. We pride ourselves on buildings that are innovative, sustainable and beautiful. Our customised buildings provide versatile solutions for all kinds of applications, from site offices to retail spaces, accommodation and much more.  Each project is designed specifically for your requirements, budget and site, and there is no limit to the design and finish options.

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Why come to M Projects for customised buildings?

M Projects is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of prefab buildings and modular structures. We specialise in designing and building innovative structures that use quality materials at a manageable price. We produce our buildings in a tightly controlled construction process that allows for plenty of versatility and customisation. Our primary goal is to make modular buildings that are perfectly tailored to the client’s requirements, minimise environmental impact, and allow affordability with any compromise on design or quality. Our team offers an enjoyable, stress-free and efficient building process.

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