Prefabricated Buildings Transportation In South Africa

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Prefab Unit Transport

So, you are interested in investing or renting prefab and/or modular units from M Projects. This means that you are probably wondering what to expect from the transport process when it comes to getting your prefabricated unit directly from our warehouse to your specific site or location. Will you need to organise transport? Or are we equipped to provide it? The answer is that M Projects is fully equipped to transport your chosen prefab and/or modular unit to wherever you need it, even if it is required at a long-distance, remote location completely off the beaten track. 

Our team is dedicated to providing professional prefab and/or modular unit transport, delivery and off-loading services to fit in with your specific needs. Our transport service offering has been developed around the following objectives:

  • Speed,
  • Efficiency, and
  • Cost-effectiveness.

In short, we do our utmost to get your prefab and/or modular unit to you as quickly, as efficiently and as affordably as we possibly can.

educational units - schools

Prefab Units Transport Made Simple

Prefab and/or modular units are extremely flexible due to the fact that they are lightweight. This ultimately means that they can be easily transported from point A to point B and, upon arrival, quickly and easily installed. This is what makes mobile accommodation such a great alternative to your everyday traditional buildings. In order to achieve this, M Projects has invested heavily in making certain that you, the customer, get what you want, as quickly as possible, all the while upholding the quality and service you deserve.

In an effort to meet ever-increasing customer demands, we have a large fleet of vehicles on hand that will be able to transport and deliver all of your modular buildings, equipment and quality finishes to wherever you need them to go, whenever you need them to be there.

For more details regarding our prefab and/or modular unit transport services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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