Transport & Siting

Transport & Siting


Here at M Projects we provide professional delivery and off loading facilities to your specific needs.


Our transport and siting is developed around the following objectives:

  •  Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness


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The ability to be easily moved is what makes mobile accommodation such a great alternative to your everyday traditional buildings. To achieve this, M Projects has invested heavily into making certain that you, the customer, get what you want, as quickly as possible, while still upholding the quality and service you deserve. 


To meet ever-increasing customer demands, we have a large fleet of vehicles that will be able to transport and deliver all your modular buildings, equipment and quality finishes to wherever you need it.


Each of our vehicles has off-loading facilities so that you don't need a huge workforce to get your modular building up and running. From heavy duty mechanical horse and trailer rigs to well-equipped erection crews, M Projects can do it all.

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