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Panelised Buildings Technical Specifications
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Concrete Foundations

Foundations are constructed on top of compacted level footing. Narrow formwork is constructed and concrete is poured within to form the slab, generally the slab is 100mm thick with a 25MPa final strength. The slab is then lightly floated to give a level and smooth finish.

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External & Internal Walls

Panels are manufactured by injecting a two part polyurethane substrate between two cladding layers in a heated moulding system. Claddings are typically 0.5mm galvanised ISQ300 (Z200) pre-painted hot-dip galvanised steel Chromadek, 3mm oak or plain ply, fibre cement or a combination thereof.

Thermal properties are 25-30% superior than polystyrene and at least 70% better than any typical mineral wool material. Long term thermal resistance is achieved between -30°C and 90°C, temperatures of up to 250°C can be withstood for a short period without damage.

Closed cell foam is packed at density 38-40kg/m3 and has fire retardant properties compliant with SANS 10177-2. Due to the closed cell nature of the polyurethane moisture is not absorbed and is resistant to insects and rodents.

Wall system is tongue and groove in concept providing a weather tight seal between panels with a lateral coverage of 1179mm per panel.

Standard panel thickness is 42mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm and is available in lengths of up to 12m can have a rigidised or smooth finish.

Estimated R Value

42mm 50mm 75mm 100mm
R Value (SI) 1.92 2.29 3.43 4.58
R Value (Imp) 10.9 13.0 19.5 26.0
Panelised Buildings Technical Specifications
Panelised Buildings Technical Specifications
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Roof is designed with a dual pitch as standard providing positive shedding of rainwater and can be designed to incorporate hips, valleys and overhangs increasing the aesthetics of the building. Roof systems are designed in accordance with SANS 517:2011 and have a standard dead load of 0.1kPa and live load of 1.5kPa although this can be upgraded for high risk environments such as snowy areas where further load is required. Due to the materials utilised the roofing system is non-combustible and will not contribute to the spread of fire.

Pre-engineered light weight steel trusses are assembled from 89x41x0.8mm “C’’ sections made of ZincAl (AZ150) or galvanised (Z275) high tensile G550 steel. Trusses are transported flat pack and assembled on site to maximize transportation.

Steel “top hat” purlins are fixed on top of trusses spanning the length of the building to tie the roof system together and allows for fixing of roofsheets. Purlins are assembled from 40x10x0.5mm made of ZincAl (AZ150) or galvanized (Z275) high tensile G550 steel.

Roofsheets formed from 0.58mm ISQ300 (Z200) pre-painted hot-dip galvanised steel Chromadek and available in a range of standard colours. Roofsheets are 765 Widespan type as standard but are also available in 10.5 Corrugate, and 686 IBR, these are fixed with 5.5x65mm hex head galvanised type self drillers with EPDM washers. Pre painted hot-dip galvanised steel flute closures or polyclosures made from cross linked, closed cell, expanded polyethylene are used to create a weather tight seal and also prevent dust, draughts and birds from nesting in eaves and ridges.

Additional Options

PVC-U D-Shape Gutter and downpipe system can be provided. Generally one down pipe will be provided for every 110m² of roof area, brackets every 750mm with couplings and corners provided where required.

50mm foil back Isotherm can be provided to insulate the roof for areas with extreme conditions. With a density of 10kg/mᶟ there is a 72% reduction in downward heat flow and a thermal resistance of 1.10(m²k)/W, a noise reduction coefficient 0.6 is also achieved. Isotherm is also available in 40mm, 75mm and 100mm thicknesses.

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Foil back gypsum ceiling tiles 600x1200x9mm with a fissured vinyl face finish laid on a pre painted exposed suspended ceiling grid system with white capping; ceiling perimeter is finished with a wall trim. Shell white vinyl face finish is also available on ceiling tiles.

The ceiling system as tested does not propagate flaming during the standard SANS 10177-10 test.


Acoustics: NRC 0.509

Thermal Resistance: 0.25(m²k)/W Combustion: B1 Grade Flammable

Encapsulated Edges: No cracks, no fragments, no warps, no distortions, Bulk Density: 7.7kg/mᶟ

Moisture Content: 1.4 % Flexural Load: 169N

Panelised Buildings Technical Specifications
Panelised Buildings Technical Specifications
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Windows are manufactured from aluminium extrusions and are naturally anodised as standard although options for bronze or powder coated finishes are available if required. Windows can either be manufactured as sliding or top hung casement type and are fitted with 4mm clear safety glass with obscure being fitted in ablution areas. All windows are manufactured in accordance with SANS 10400 Part N. Standard window size widths are 1500mm, 1200mm, 900mm, 600mm, 500mm with heights of 1200mm, 900mm, 500mm, although bespoke sized windows can be manufactured.

Additional Options

Burglar guards can be fitted, where light security is required aluminium bar type guards can be fitted within the frame. For heavier security options either trellidor type fixed aluminium guards or steel powder coated guards are fastened through the wall to provide secure fixing.

Flyscreens can be fitted to any size window, these are framed in aluminium

Where superior insulation is required windows can be fitted with single glazed low emissivity glass or for more extreme conditions double glazing can be fitted to casement type windows.

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External Doors

Doors are manufactured from chromadek or fully glazed aluminium. Single doors have a standard width of 810mm, but are also available in 610mm, 710mm or 910mm, 1340mm one and half doorset and 1640mm double doorset are also available as standard. All doors have a height of 2030mm.


Manufactured as a composite door, 0.5mm galvanised ISQ300 (Z200) pre-painted hot-dip galvanised steel Chromadek smooth sheets are fixed either side of a timber frame and injected with polyurethane insulation. Timber is all SA pine treated in accordance with SABS 1228:1994. Each door leave is fitted with three aluminium naturally anodised sinkless door hinges which is fixed into an aluminium naturally anodised door frame. Union euro profile cylinder locks with zinc back plates are fitted as standard. Vision panels can be fitted if required.

Glazed Aluminium

Doors and frames are manufactured with naturally anodised or powder coated aluminium and are fitted with 4mm toughened clear glass or aluminium kick plate. Side and top window lights can be incorporated into the frame for extra natural light if required. Doors are fitted with euro profile cylinder locksets.

Panelised Buildings Technical Specifications

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