Volumetric Comp Range


Our Comp range is a newly developed cost effective product which we are now offering as an alternative for manufacturing offices, ablutions and sleepers.  It is designed  as a cathedral roof using a composite dual pitch roof panel giving you a feeling of extra space within the unit.


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A detailed specification on each product is available on request.


Comp Range Optional Extras Include:

  • Wall To Wall Carpeting
  • Porcelain Floor & Wall Tiles
  • Window Burglar Guards
  • Security Gates
  • Window & Door Flyscreens
  • Curtains & Tracks
  • Blinds & Tracks
  • Window Tinting
  • PVC Rainwater Goods
  • Seamless Aluminium Guttering
  • Hipped Roofs
  • Verandas
  • Door Verandas
  • Window Wall & Split Level Air Conditioners
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Gas or Solar Water Heating Solutions
  • Under Floor Heating
  • Rubber Lined Floors
  • Any other requests
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