About Us

About Us

M Projects came into existence through a passionate pair of young entrepreneurs.

Since 1986, we have been accommodating companies and people’s needs wherever and whenever they require instant working or living space.

Initially the company provided a transport and erection service to the mobile office industry however from 1994, we began manufacturing for ourselves, in order to supplement our own rental fleet and, at the same time, provide a quality accommodation alternative.



We are now major suppliers of rental and sale units, not only to industry but to a range of different projects. Our main product range include:

And more….


We also refurbish pre-owned units, adding a low-cost, quality option to mobile office accommodation.

Using only the finest materials and offering a choice of superior finishes, inside and out, through close attention to detail and the highest workmanship, M Projects guarantee quality and integrity of construction.

Completing the full range of services we provide to the mobile accommodation industry include:


We also offer dismantling and re-erection of our own and other companies units, quickly and cost-effectively across Kwa-Zulu Natal and beyond.


M Projects success is based on offering a total service of rental/sales, transport and siting of quality products. 

Be sure to contact us for your modular buildings today!

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